Employee Giving


The 2017 "All for Walsh" Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign took place during the month of May. 

There are currently seven students who receive the Walsh College Employee Scholarship. It is important to continue to support this scholarship to attract and reward new and deserving students to take advantage of all the great opportunities Walsh College has to offer.​


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What does "All for Walsh" mean?

All for Walsh sums up how faculty and staff feel about Walsh College and its students. It symbolizes everyone coming together for one purpose and one goal: to create and enhance opportunities for Walsh College and its students. 

I work here: Why is Walsh College asking me to make a gift?

Because the need is great. Members of this community- alumni, friends, faculty, and staff- are asked to give at a level that is comfortable to them. Each member of the Walsh community has a stake in the success of our students.

Why should I make a gift during the "All for Walsh" Faculty and Staff Campaign?

  • It's a way to impact students even more than you do on a daily basis.
  • Your gift helps to create new opportunities for current and future students.
  • Your participation can inspire others to give.
  • It feels good.

Why is my participation important?

When alumni and community members see that those closest to the College give to Walsh, it sends a powerful message about the commitment here, and that encourages them to support the College as well.

Where does my gift go?

Your gift will go directly to support the Walsh College Employee Scholarship. Students who are in pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degree, maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher, and demonstrate financial need will be awarded this scholarship. The amount each student receives is determined by the Student Financial Resources Office and is based upon available funding and qualified applicants. 

How much am I expected to give?

Participation is more important than how much you give. Participate at a level that feels right for you. Your fellow faculty and staff make gifts ranging from $25 to over $1,000. 

How can I give?

Each department has a designated coordinator. At the beginning of the campaign your coordinator will hand out packets with campaign information. Each packet contains information about the campaign, an envelope, and a payroll deduction form.

  • If you wish to write a check: Simply place your check in the envelope and give the envelope to your coordinator.
  • If you wish to give online: You can visit our online giving link here.
  • If you wish to give through payroll deduction: Fill out your payroll deduction form included within your information packet. Indicate the amount you wish to donate and the amount you wish to have donated from each pay period. Give your form and envelope to your coordinator.

The amount at which you give is kept confidential. All that is asked is that you return your envelope to your coordinator so we know you were given the opportunity to support Walsh.

Your participation means so much for our students and the entire Walsh community. Thank you!


For more information on Employee Giving, please contact Development Officer, Alexis Wichmann