Scholarship Giving

Named Endowed Scholarships
Named Endowed Scholarships are established in perpetuity to be awarded on an annual basis. A minimum gift of $25,000 is required to establish a named endowed scholarship. The original contribution is invested in the Walsh College Foundation’s Endowment Fund. One year after the $25,000 gift commitment is fulfilled, the fund produces income from which scholarship awards are made in accordance with the terms established by scholarship donors. The College’s current payout policy from the Endowment Fund is 5%, with any additional earnings returned to the corpus, where it continues to grow. 

Named Annual Scholarships
Named Annual Scholarships are one-time scholarships, generally awarded in the same year in which they are given. The terms of these scholarships are established by the donor and may be directed to students majoring in a specific program, and/or for students who have demonstrated academic achievement or financial need. Annual scholarships may be named for the donor or a designee. A minimum gift of $10,000 is required to name an annual scholarship.

Student Hardship Scholarship
Student Hardship Scholarships are one-time awards based on financial need. A student is eligible when a sudden hardship imperils the completion of his or her last semester. Hardships may result from loss of job, foreclosure, death of an immediate family member, or other situations. To make a gift to the Student Hardship Fund, please visit

The General Scholarship Fund
The General Scholarship Fund makes awards to students year-round, and is usually funded through the annual giving program and special events fundraising. These gifts may be made in tribute to or memory of someone. Scholarships awarded from this Fund may be need or merit based. To make a gift to the General Scholarship Fund, please visit

The Walsh College Foundation accepts gifts of cash, stock and other securities and some real property, subject to approval by the Walsh College Board of Trustees.

The College makes every attempt to connect scholarship donors to student recipients. In this deliberate and personal way, the College hopes to demonstrate appreciation to donors, while at the same time inspiring recipients to one day become donors.

To establish a scholarship email Scott Trudell.