Walsh College Alumni Association


The purpose of this association is to unite the alumni of Walsh College in closer bonds of fellowship, to further their interests in all proper ways, to foster and more fully realize the goals of the College, and to stimulate and encourage the loyalty and interest of the alumni by disseminating information respecting the College, its ideals and programs.


2018-2019 Walsh College Alumni Association Board of Directors


 Alex Schwallbach
A.G. Schwallbach Inc. 
Christine McCoy
Partyka & Co. 
Karen Cresap
Howard Hanna Realitors
William Ferguson
IBM Corporation
Wallace Rutkowski 
GKN Automotive, Inc. 


Walsh College Alumni Association Committees

Casino Night Committee
Chair: Alex Schwallbach

Social & Outreach Events Committee
Chairs: William Ferguson

Finance Committee
Chair: Chrissy McCoy, Wallace Rutkowski, William Ferguson

Golf Outing Committee

Chair: Alex Schwallbach

Marketing and Communications Committee
Chair: Open