Walsh Way Endowed Scholarship

Making Higher Education Affordable  . . . . for All!

Study after study, hiring trends and income data show that a college degree correlates with higher earning potential, better overall health and wealth satisfaction, and greater levels of happiness and well-being.

Education creates pathways from scarcity to abundance, and from fear to freedom.  It transforms individuals, families, communities, and the world.

It’s not just a social good for business and society. There’s just one problem…the cost of a degree keeps rising.

And this makes it challenging to afford and less accessible. Walsh College wants to change this. We want to make our education affordable and accessible to every individual who desires to work hard and earn a Walsh College degree.

That’s why we created the Walsh Way Endowed Scholarship.

It’s a powerful fund that makes our education affordable and accessible. And, with your help, you can be at the very center of impact for this bold and innovative endeavor.

With a gift to the Walsh Way, you’ll be taking a stand for our students and the true value of a practical, real-world education. By helping us to grow our Walsh Way Fund, you’ll:

  1. Increase access and opportunity for Walsh College students.
  2. Answer the call to help make a college education more affordable in today’s marketplace.
  3. Innovate a new model for creating a strong and sustainable runway for Walsh College in its next 100+ years!

Together, we can make maximum impact for our students as they make massive impact in the world. We can build the Walsh Way together!

Transfer Today – Save Tomorrow, The Walsh Way!

Did you know that there are a number of different pathways that students take to arrive at Walsh College? Many of our undergraduate students transfer directly from community colleges. If you were a transfer student yourself, then you know the invaluable asset this pathway provides.

Walsh College provides a real-world education for real-world results.  We don’t waste our students’ time.  We save them time and money when they transfer from one of our partner community colleges.

It’s what empowers us to help our hard-working students pursue their degrees in an affordable and accessible way.  And we’d love to help continue to pay this forward to help more community college transfer students complete their degrees at Walsh College!

That’s why we created Walsh Way transfer pathways with our four most popular community college partners:

By supporting one or more of these community college pathways, YOU are directly helping students transfer today, and save tomorrow, so they can finish their degree the Walsh Way!

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
– William Butler Yeats