Walsh Alumni Mastermind (WAM)

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a committed group of high performers who come together to mutually coach, mentor, and help each other solve problems through sharing ideas and advice. In masterminds, individuals can create goals, develop plans, define appropriate actions, seek input/advice, and move forward with confidence. A mastermind environment is positive and collaborative.

WAM Rules

  1. Foster Trust and Collaboration: 🀐 Confidentiality: Treat conversations as confidential unless given explicit permission to share outside the room. Embrace openness, vulnerability, and authenticity to foster reflection and personal growth.
  2. Be Present and Engaged: πŸ“΅ Technology Etiquette: Refrain from distractions caused by technology (cell phones, laptops, etc.) during the mastermind meeting. Exceptions apply only in emergencies. Be fully present and engaged in the discussion.
  3. Support and Challenge: 🀝 Constructive Engagement: Commit to providing support and gentle challenges when appropriate. Embrace the role of both supporter and challenger, encouraging improvement-oriented feedback. Our collective growth relies on a balance of encouragement and constructive critique.
  4. Prepare and Focus: πŸš€ Commitment to Excellence: Show up prepared, focused, and committed to bringing your very best energy into the room. Your preparation and dedication contribute to the overall success of the mastermind meeting. Each member plays a vital role in maintaining a high standard of excellence.

By adhering to these rules, we create a conducive environment for meaningful discussions, personal development, and collaborative success within our Walsh Alumni Mastermind community. 🌟

2024 Schedule

When: We meet bi-monthly (every other month)

  1. 02/14/24, 8A to 10A
  2. 04/17/24, 8A to 10A
  3. 06/12/24, 8A to 10A
  4. 08/14/24, 8A to 10A
  5. 10/09/24, 8A to 10A
  6. 12/11/24, 8A to 10A

Meeting structures – each meeting is (2) hours:

  • 8A to 8:15A = light networking & refreshments
  • 8:15A to 9:45A = discussion & group work
  • 9:45A to 10A = post-event light networking

Where: Walsh College, Troy Campus > Room 114

Additional details: Food & beverages provided – we tend to lean into healthier options

2024 Cost

WAM is $0. We only require you to bring your best self and be ready to collaborate with the group.