Walsh College Alumni Mastermind Application

Hey Walsh College Alum!

Does this sound like you….

You have an inner drive to DOMINATE your industry or CATAPULT your business…

You’re a high achiever but are always looking at the GAP, how you can close it, do more, be more, achieve more…

And, you want to be surrounded by like-minded, positive-energy, high performing leaders and changemakers who share your drive, your enthusiasm for life, and your obsessive desire to GROW and BECOME YOUR BEST SELF!

Well, the people we surround ourselves with MATTERS!

As Jim Rohn says, we’re the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with!

So let’s get READY to MASTERMIND!

The Walsh Alumni Mastermind is a group of high performing Walsh College alumni that meet to motivate, inspire, and challenge each other to drive change in their industries and achieve their most ambitious business and life goals.

  • Connection. The WAM is a place for high-level professionals and leaders to connect and help each other focus on achieving their BHAGS (big hairy audacious goals!)
  • Communication. Dynamic discussions on relevant and timely topics and challenges with a group of like-minded professionals who have walked or are walking on a similar path
  • Collaboration. A collaborative network of trusted advisors and mentors who want to see and help you succeed.
  • Coaching. Candid feedback, insights, coaching and mutual mentorship to hold you accountable to your goals and keep you moving forward!

WAM will help you:

  1. Accomplish your current goals,
  2. Create & crush goals you never thought possible,
  3. 10X EVERY area of your business and your life.

These 90-minute monthly meet-ups are FOCUSED and HIGH ENERGY.


mastermind is a committed group of high performers who come together to mutually coach, mentor and hep each other solve problems and share ideas and advice.

Through masterminding, YOU create goals, devise plans of action, seek input and advice, and then execute!

And, the group helps support you and hold you accountable so you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

So, if you’re ready to UPLEVEL your life, your business and your future…

And, you’re someone who wants to focus on breakthrough, success, and solution….

Then get ready to MASTERMIND with us and apply to join WAM today!